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Why Not Monitoring Your Network is Risky Business

Whether you like it or not, if your company operates like most businesses, it will be dependent upon its computer systems to deliver products and services to its customers.  So when your network goes down, so does your business.

Sadly, most organisations don't quite understand this fact, until their computer systems crash.   Only then, when faced with angry customers, unproductive employees, loss of data and loss of sales they take action, at a high cost.  A little too late?

Why network monitoring?

A high performance network is no longer a choice, but a basic ‘necessity’ in any company. For you to ensure smooth business outcomes, all processes in your company must run without complications, including internal and external communication with clients and partners. Failures in operational processes result in loss of time and significantly impact your sales and profitability.

Network monitoring systems help you keep a constant 'eye', and monitor what is happening in your network.  It analyses all of your systems' data in real-time and alerts you as soon as errors occur.  In short, it helps you to proactively intervene and resolve a problem before it has had a chance to negatively impact your business performance. It provides:

More time for essentials

A monitoring solution generally proves itself through early recognition and reporting of network errors, malfunctions and exceeded thresholds, enabling immediate intervention.

Added security

It significantly contributes to the security of your network. If network monitoring reports show a sudden jump in CPU usage or if traffic values suddenly differ significantly from the norm, this can be an important hint of possible malware or phishing attacks.

Increased control

It offers you more control through comprehensive monitoring of the entire network infrastructure and provides you with real-time alerts.  

Financial savings

Outsourced network monitoring solutions put little stress on budgets while offering a high potential for saving time and resources. It also prevents significant financial losses caused by delayed failure identification.

Options for monitoring your network

Network monitoring tools can shed light on what were formerly black holes, such as low WAN traffic visibility in network activity. These tools can also end the finger pointing that happens when issues arise. However, many businesses lack the capital budget to deploy a robust monitoring product. Others lack the in-house expertise to get the most out of the technology. In these situations, a business can improve network visibility and its response to network trouble by outsourcing it to a service provider.

But can you let go?

According to a recent IDG Report, 70 percent of small to medium business IT budgets are being spent on supporting and maintaining existing network infrastructure. Additionally, 73 percent of business owners surveyed report that it’s getting harder than ever to find the qualified IT skills they demand most: network administration.

Maintaining your own network can be a real headache. Outsourcing your network management is possibly the best alternative and this is why:

Specialisation pays

Outsourcing network management can save you money by providing you with resources with optimal skills in your area of need. Outsourced engineers can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. They can also use their deep technical knowledge to proactively make adjustments to your network so as to pre-empt future failures, minimising costly mistakes.

A lot of skills for one price

Outsourced services engineers typically have specialised knowledge in how networks operate. This means they can set up, run, and successfully trouble shoot. They know the ins and outs of networking including database management, network security, hardware and specialised software. When outsourcing network management, you are in actual fact hiring an entire wealth of knowledge at one low price.

There are COSTS for having employees

Outsourcing your network management is not as expensive as you may think. Take into consideration the expenditures you wave in comparison to hiring a technical employee; you don’t pay taxes, insurance, vacation nor sick days.

Constantly updated skills

Network management professionals are dedicated to learning all about the new technologies and are continuously trained. This professional development is at a cost NOT billed to you. Whereas, if you have internal help, you almost always have to pay for professional development.

How to choose your managed network services provider?

The strength of an outsourced network management services provider is determined by the skill and knowledge of its employees—especially those who design, operate and manage network services. It is also determined by the types of products and solutions it offers. 

That is why Stott Hoare employs engineers who are highly certified in network, broadband, security and voice network design.  These certifications are an important indicator of expertise, because they give you an objective validation of an individual’s depth of training and experience in solving complex network issues.

We also offer unique, complete, award-winning, IT management and automation solutions through N-able.  Just check out the number of awards that they have won (http://www.n-able.com/).

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