5 Workplace Essentials for Millennials

5 Workplace Essentials for Millennials

With the presence of millennials in the workplace increasing, modern offices are evolving to suit changing needs. Perimeter offices are disappearing, floor plans are opening up and trendy breakout areas and cafes are replacing the closed layouts of the past. Staff work remotely and digitally, with less need for the physical. As millennials continue to make up a significant portion of the workforce, it is more important than ever to have a workplace that matches their expectations. The first step is to understand what they need to work at their best.

Mobility Technology

Laptops that turn into tablets and hard drives the size of your palm were once objects of science fiction. Now, they are everyday items in the workplace. A great example is the HP Elite Slice. It’s one of the devices changing the office environment, designed as one of the smallest desktop PCs in the world. Simply plug it into a screen and power it up. This little piece of kit looks like a simple storage device but is actually  a fully functional PC with Windows 10, Intel® Processors, HD graphics, up to 32Gb of memory and 500Gb SSD with all the features millennial staff need and making it easy for IT personnel to manage

Standing Desks

We weren’t made to sit at desks all day, so why do we? Standing up desks and monitor lifts are becoming a common sight in many modern offices. With younger people growing up around technology, they are more aware than any generation of the risks of ergonomics and sedentary lifestyles. Standing desks are a fantastic solution to the pitfalls of technology.

Data security

Although millennials are often known for “disclosing everything”, they are in fact only releasing the information they chose.  So too in their professional lives, they require security around their BYOD and collaboration. Disaster Recovery (DR) plans, secure networking solutions and appropriate antivirus protection all help keep data safe so staff can work efficiently. In the future, while cybercriminals will of course evolve with security measures, the security in place will be more secure than ever before, with a multilayered approach the norm.

Coffee Machines

Surprised? Probably not. It may sound a bit silly but a heavily used item in any office is the coffee machine. Whether its Nespresso pods or the real deal, don’t skimp on a millennial’s caffeine fix! With cafes charging an arm and a leg for a few grinded beans and little time for leaving your desk, an reliable coffee in the office is essential.

Instant Messaging

With employees working remotely more than ever before and many young staff also working while commuting, being able to easily and effectively connect with co-workers wherever they may be is crucial. Most workplaces now use some form of instant messaging to communicate with other staff, whether they are in another country or just the other room! Applications like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Lync are popular among Australian offices. Stop sending time-consuming emails.

Do you tick the above boxes for your workplace? If you need help converting to an office of the future, our team can offer solutions for Perth businesses, starting by arming the team with the right technology. Talk to a Stott Hoare representative to organise a no obligation meeting.

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