Redefining Cyber Resiliency with Stott Hoare and IBM

Complex IT environments are presenting new challenges, for organisations of all sizes, when working to simplify operations and maximise the value of data.

With increasingly complex IT comes increased concern over data storage and security.

These days, to achieve acceptable levels of insight and accuracy, analytics and AI applications are consuming enormous amounts of data. Managing, moving, and storing large data volumes with great efficiency and enough performance to derive maximum value from data assets requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities – from intelligent system optimization and powerful data reduction, through comprehensive security and encryption features, to hybrid cloud capabilities and ultra low-latency storage.

Leveraging the latest storage innovations is an effective way to deliver a high performing, agile infrastructure.

Better Storage – Higher Performance – Enhanced Security – Less Cost

Now, if you are reading this and thinking – “sounds great but how on earth am I going to secure the budget for the latest storage innovations?” – then you need to check out the latest storage and data management solutions from IBM®.

Designed to meet enterprise storage needs, while reducing costs and complexity, the IBM FlashSystem® family of data management solutions is one of the lowest cost and highest performing storage options on the market. This really is a gamechanger for organisations around the globe who have previously been unable to afford enterprise-level performance when it comes to their storage infrastructure.

Taking Data Management and Security to the Next Level

Organisations around the globe are choosing IBM® for their storage requirements to access enterprise-level storage and security, at an affordable cost. When you start to unravel the copius amounts of value packed into the IBM FlashSystem® family, it’s easy to see why.

With IBM FlashSystem®, you get functionality, flexibility and easy of use, plus the extra value of the IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault Solution and IBM® Safeguarded Copy.

IBM® Safeguarded Copy creates isolated immutable snapshots of data to help protect against cyberattacks, malware, acts of disgruntled employees, and other data corruption.

The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution complements Safeguarded Copy by automatically scanning the copies created regularly by Safeguarded Copy and looking for signs of data corruption introduced by malware or ransomware.

With these innovations, IBM® enables organisations to detect cyber attacks early and minimise damage, reduce recovery time from days or weeks to just hours, and perform forensic analysis of the attack.

IBM Redefining Cyber Resiliency

Redefining Cyber Resiliency

If you are not yet convinced that you can truly redefine cyber resiliency within your organisation with IBM®, join an on-demand webinar from Stott Hoare and IBM® covering a high-level overview of the IBM FlashSystem® family and associated solutions. During the webinar, Barry White, Master Innovator at IBM®, takes you through a high-level overview of:

  • IBM FlashSystem® functionality, ease of use, and flexibility;
  • IBM® Cyber Vault recovery capabilities;
  • IBM® Flash Core technology;
  • IBM® Safeguarded Copy; and,
  • IBM® Spectrum Virtualise.

Fill in your details below to instantly join the on-demand webinar. We will also send you the link to join via email.


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