Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with HP Engage

During uncertain times, empowering your employees to deliver next-level customer service is more important than ever. It helps build trust and bring in more revenue by attracting new customers, encouraging return purchases, and increasing the amount spent per transaction. Having a strong foundation of hardware and software is key to setting your employees up for success when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service. A great way to do this is with HP Engage solutions.

1. Enhance Customer Experience

Point of sale systems are revolutionising the way customers engage with businesses and make purchases. By investing in this technology, businesses in a range of industries can make the buying process easier and more engaging for their customers. HP Engage point of sale solutions allow businesses to provide a secure and seamless purchasing experience for customers as well giving employees valuable insights into sales and inventory.

2. Listen to Your Customers

By putting technology in place that captures valuable data, your employees will be able to stay on top of what products are most popular and make sure there’s always enough stock available. HP Engage solutions capture valuable sales and inventory insights so that your business has the visibility it needs to make sure customers always have what they’re looking for.

3. Minimise Disruptions

Slow outdated technology, or solutions that aren’t the right fit for your needs, can lead to business disruptions that can negatively affect customer service. When your business operations aren’t running smoothly, it can decrease employee productivity and cause a delay on product delivery. HP Engage devices feature powerful Intel processors and are designed and tested to perform in a range of challenging environments—from manufacturing businesses, to banking, transport, and retail. That means less downtime, better processes and, ultimately, better service.

4. Empower Your Employees

By giving your employees the tools they need to work smarter and gain greater insights and control, you’ll empower them to be more productive, make better decisions and have more time and information to provide tailored customer service. With a range of devices and software to suit individual business needs, HP Engage solutions are designed to deliver more efficient workflows and better insights, ultimately leading to better service for your customers.

5. Secure Data and Protect Customers

With more cyberthreats than ever before, security is a key part of delivering next-level customer service. When customers trust you with their personal details, you need to make sure they’re properly protected from the sophisticated cyberthreats of 2021 and beyond. With a cutting-edge security suite, multi-factor authentication and device lockdown options, HP has your business covered from the inside-out.

Want to know more about leveraging HP Engage solutions to deliver great customer service and drive better outcomes for your business? Contact our team to talk to an expert or arrange a free strategy session to discuss your technology needs today.

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