Your Device Strategy

The right devices. In the right hands. For the right reasons.

Selecting, purchasing and deploying the most suitable devices for your different types of end users can be an overwhelming task.

With so many devices and accessories to choose from, it can end up taking days or weeks to research the best workspace configuration for each role within your organisation. And that’s just choosing the devices. You then need to consider how you’re going to deploy, secure, and manage these devices, to ensure the best experience for your end users.

At Stott Hoare, we live and breathe technology. Our team stay up to date with the latest technologies and solutions from our partners so they can share relevant innovations and promotions with their customers.

Our end user device strategy workshop is designed to help your end users, and your business, achieve more. We work with you to understand your existing technology strategy, challenges, and goals, and then help you to strategically leverage modern communication and collaboration technologies and solutions to optimise your end user’s experience.

The outcome?

Improve productivity and user satisfaction, enable communication and collaboration, and maintain the security and integrity of your software and data.

You can book your device strategy session below.

Book Your Device Strategy Workshop

Stott Hoare, in partnership with Microsoft, are on a mission to help organisations optimise their end user device strategy. We are inviting business technology leaders around Australia to schedule a complimentary virtual strategy session with our end user device specialists.

What’s involved?

During your strategy session, we’ll take your through each stage of the end user device strategy. From strategic planning and procuring around role-based technology selection, to security and device managament, this  workshop provides the foundation for you to build a successful device strategy that empowers your teams to achieve more.

Use the form below to register your interest and one of our consultants will contact you to book in your strategy workshop.

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