Digital Collaboration with Stott Hoare

From smoke signals and carrier pigeons to morse code and the telegram, and then the telephone, email and SMS, the evolution of how humans communicate is written in the annals of history.

Since the dawn of time, communication and collaboration have sat at the heart of everything humans do. And although technology has advanced and the means in which we share voice and information has evolved, the reasons for, and the goals of remain the same. Simply put, we rely on communication and collaboration to get things done.

Modern business has experienced some of the most significant forced change in recent memory this past year, and as we look forward into the unknown, the need to empower a modern workplace approach to business has never been more important.

We live in a digital world, and as such, one of the most pertinent elements to empowering a modern workplace is through facilitating the ideal environment for digital collaboration.

But what does digital collaboration encompass in the modern workplace?

In the literal sense, it can be broken down into four key elements:

  1. Smart meeting rooms – the integration of intelligent hardware and software to drive productive meeting experiences for all attendees.
  2. Video conferencing – tools that enable important face to face interactions from anywhere, at any time.
  3. Instant messaging – not every line of communication warrants an email, instant messaging is a strong means of facilitating those ‘water cooler’ interactions when teams are dispersed.
  4. Document sharing/co-authoring – minimising the excess deluge of multiple versions of the same document through enabling co-authoring of files in real-time through one platform.

The challenge lies in aligning the four elements across the organisation for optimal productivity without confusion and downtime.

How can it be achieved?

Every business is unique with their own set of requirements, so what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. At Stott Hoare, we work closely with Microsoft to identify the right solution for our customers needs.

In many situations, a Microsoft 365 subscription can address several of the key elements to digital collaboration. Through leveraging Microsoft Teams, OneDrive cloud storage and the Office suite of applications, your employees can stay connected, stay organised, and accomplish more together across your business.

But it’s not a silver bullet.

The Stott Hoare difference is where our customers find true value and leverage the right combination of technology and services to empower their modern workplace.

What do we mean when we say, ‘the Stott Hoare difference’?

We have significant experience in selecting the most suitable PC and mobile devices, software and licensing options for your modern workplace, including:

  • Installation and Support – Full installation and ongoing support if required.
  • Licensing Compliance – we provide valuable advice to ensure you’re compliant.
  • Security – Our expertise and knowledge are invaluable when selecting the right solution to protect your business.
  • Management – Short of time? We can provide software asset management to ensure your systems are running perfectly.

But software doesn’t necessarily meet all the elements to digital collaboration, you can’t forget the importance of smart meeting rooms. When it comes to identifying and implementing the right smart meeting room setup, we help you across each phase of the journey. Including:

  • Evaluation – Through understanding your meeting room space, workforce distribution, and smart meeting needs, we can then identify and provide the most suitable arrangement for your needs.
  • Procurement and Logistics – Solutions and services that compliment your needs first and foremost, including flexible leasing and finance options with competitive pricing.
  • Successful Deployment – Before a full rollout, try and test the technology with a proof of concept in your environment.
  • Support – We have the capability to help you in whatever capacity is necessary for you, including service desk, managed services, enhanced warranty, and repairs and maintenance.

Stott Hoare in partnership with Microsoft offers a complete range of products and services to assist your business in addressing the four key elements to digital collaboration.

For over 40 years, our friendly and experienced information technology experts have been providing our clients with the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.

Contact Stott Hoare to arrange a visit to our Customer Experience Centre and get up close and hands on with the digital collaboration solutions and services you can leverage to empower your modern workplace.

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