End-User Devices

A full end-user solution—for every stage of the device lifecycle



Choosing the right device, desk set-up and accessories is a critical part of today’s end-user experience. We help organisations attract and keep the best talent and empower staff with the tools to add real value to the bottom line and the customer experience.

How we can help
• We have long-term relationships with all leading vendors and a genuinely independent view of the market
• We’ve worked with organisations of all types and sizes to understand their requirements and can use this experience to help you make the right decisions


Staging & Deployment

We know what it takes to deliver a successful end-user device deployment project—plenty of space (for storage and staging) and the right staff and experience to get the preparation and planning right. With this in place, the ‘drop to desk’ process can be completed with minimal disruption.

How we can help
• SOE development and deployment
• Asset tagging and electrical testing
• Hardware/software installations and upgrades
• Comprehensive drop to desk options
• Friendly staff to help users test their new devices


Added Value Service

We know that the device is only part of the equation in building the modern workplace—that’s why we’ve developed a range of product and service offerings to supplement the hardware.

How we can help
• Training—getting the most from hybrid devices and productivity tools like O365
• Stott Hoare Digital Technology Platform—a complete package of productivity tools training and support
• Device as a Service—a comprehensive solution incorporating the full range of Stott Hoare services in a utility model



For many IT providers, the device is just a box—to Stott Hoare it’s a vital part of your business ecosystem. That is reflected in the importance our sales team place on helping you get the right solution at the right price.

How we can help
• Dedicated Account Management team with specific technical expertise in end- user devices
• Procurement expertise/bid management
• Purchase options—finance, Device as a Service
• The Stott Hoare Experience Centre provides hands on experience on all the latest equipment from key vendors



Even the best device will fail from time to time—the important thing is ensuring that it’s returned to the user as quickly as possible and that disruption is minimised.

How we can help
• Tailor made support packages to reduce repair time and improve vendor SLAs
• Experienced Service Desk to log and manage support calls with the vendor on your behalf
• Vendor qualified and service engineers to complete warranty work


Our Customers

We’re confident that no-one else delivers end-user device solutions quite like us. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and reliable services has impressed customers across all sectors:

• Large Enterprise
• Government (CUA procurement panels)
• Education (Government, Catholic and Independent)

We’ve served hundreds of businesses, schools and public sector agencies, delivering the modern workplace to improve business, educational and personal outcomes.



We’ve worked with literally hundreds of customers to help them meet critical delivery deadlines for new staff members, fleet rollouts and office moves.
We take the pain out of the delivery and project management process and can even offer new thinking around environmental sustainability.

How we can help
• Warehousing/stock holding for ‘just in time’ delivery
• Phased delivery
• Eco-friendly delivery options


Lifecycle Management

Devices are more reliable than ever but advances in technology are shortening refresh cycles. Many customers struggle to know how to manage the process effectively.

How we can help
• Tailored finance packages—get the equipment you need and manage your budget
• End of life services—environmentally friendly disposal and disk sanitisation
• Extended warranties
• Buyback options

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