Virtual Reality in the classroom

We believe that Virtual Reality (VR) offers exciting opportunities to inspire and engage students and to improve educational outcomes.

Academic studies have shown that students are not only more motivated when they learn through mixed reality, they also improve their attention span, understanding and test scores.

To reinforce our position, we’ve recently engaged more than than 20 school representatives from WA in a very interesting and fun afternoon at Carine Senior High School.

The objective was to offer teachers, principals and school IT managers the opportunity to hear more about the technology from Lenovo’s Mobility and Services Lead, Hassan Baickdeli and also discuss and explore new ways to transform school/teaching and learning experience using VR and MR in the classroom.

We also believe that the best way to discover more about this exciting new technology is to experience it for yourself – so if you haven’t been able to get your chance experience Virtual Reality for yourself with our demonstration units, please contact us and we will be happy to organise our demonstration units for you.

To learn more about Lenovo’s vision for Mixed Reality in the classroom, download their Lenovo Mixed Reality here.


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