How office set up impacts performance

We spend a significant portion of our week at work. In fact, full-time employees spend approximately 25 per cent of their life in the office. How your staff feel about their workspace is crucial to their performance and in an evolving digital landscape, upgrading your technology can have a huge impact on how your staff work.


Studies prove it

An annual survey conducted by the Australian Industry Group shows that CEOs were continuing to increase their investment in technology in 2017, with businesses recognising the need to invest in digital technologies and in the digital capabilities of their workforce in order to compete globally. The survey also found productivity growth would also come from upgrades to IT systems and other technologies, with 47 per cent of the businesses surveyed expect to increase spending on technology in 2017 and only 4 per cent expecting to cut spending.


Where it will make a difference

The happiness and productivity of your staff can be greatly affected by the quality of your workspace. It can determine whether they are excited to come to work and change their attitude in the morning, when they are preparing for the day ahead.

It can induce greater pride for where they work, care of the workspace and positive words to others outside of the office, which could result in attracting prospective talent, as well as greater employee retention. Ultimately, it shows your team they are valued. Through this, they will also be more excited and engaged, resulting in better productivity.


What technology you might see

Some of the new technology you may see in today’s office environment include wearable devices, files stored in the cloud, interactive screens and all-in-one products. One example is the Lenovo Yoga range of laptops with the ability to transform a laptop with a 360 degree hinge to a tablet with a touch screen. Such technology in the office makes work easier and more enjoyable, ultimately resulting in better productivity and performance.

Staff expect certain standards in offices today and their performance can be greatly affected by what is offered to them. With such an impact, it’s important to create a space that encourages productivity and motivates people to perform at their best.

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