Is Your Business Too Distracted by Maintaining Your IT Environment?

Technology touches every aspect of modern business. From conducting transactions to recording customer interactions, storing stock to communicating between teams, our business lives are supported and enhanced. But as IT makes more possible, it also becomes more complex. For big corporations, it might mean adding more resources, but in smaller businesses, the IT team may already be at full stretch. If you’re busy maintaining the status quo, how will you take advantage of the amazing opportunities of new technologies – before your competitor beats you to it?

As IT infrastructures grow and age, they become expensive to manage. They also take up more time and focus – and in today’s fast-moving business world, looking away from your future can be a mistake. The complexity emerges as multiple generations and varieties of servers, storage devices, hypervisors and operating systems lead IT departments to spend a big proportion of their time on maintenance. Downtime is costly, so that is not unreasonable.

The thing is, if the IT team spends its time wrangling servers or updating software, there is little time to look at the road ahead. As small businesses face unprecedented competition from traditional and start-up organisations, they must seek out the new technologies that will carve out their future in a digital-everything world.


A new breed of infrastructure is designed to break down the traditional IT siloes and cut storage, server and virtualisation complexity – and the breakthrough isn’t limited to those with enterprise budgets. Leading the way, the recently released Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series integrates Nutanix hyperconvergence software onto their highly reliable and scalable servers. Other vendors are following with their own hyperconvergence offerings.

Hyperconvergence saves enormously on management demands. Infrastructure can be administered from a single platform, with resources allocated and reallocated based on demand. In this way, storage, servers and networking infrastructure is built and rebuilt like toy building blocks.

Higher Uptime

There is no place for downtime in modern businesses. Given the dependence on IT for businesses to operate, often 24/7, the pressure is on IT departments to achieve always-on IT. It can be done, even on a small business budget. This is where Lenovo wins the tightly-fought battle for the server crown – with reliability as much a priority as performance.

Aside from avoiding the business disruption of downtime, the IT department escapes the endless accompanying support calls. That saves considerable time that can be better spent investigating new apps, or dreaming up ways to reduce operational costs.

Given the IT profession attracts a healthy mix of problem solvers and visionaries, they are a scarce resource that must be used wisely. Taking away the distraction of maintaining infrastructure gives your business an asset that is vital in the transformation into a digital-ready organisation. Whether by choice of infrastructure or by introducing support services to ease the pressure, allowing a renewed business focus is a must.

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