IT Trends Shaping the Future of Education

IT Trends Shaping the Future of Education

The rapid evolution of technology comes as no surprise to most, but how it affects our daily lives can be transformative.  In the classroom, this can mean some positive changes that enrich learning for students, along with some challenges education providers must face to ensure students get the best education. Understanding what is available and how to best implement the latest trends is crucial.

Mobility and Remote Learning

Wi-Fi technology has enabled classrooms to be anywhere, at any time. At school, this can mean greater visibility across campus, with the network being able to track students and log students into class automatically via their device. Outside of the classroom, the right networking solution can allow students who can’t make it to school still attend virtually and even bring in external teachers or subject matter experts. The challenges of time and distance are no longer an issue with reliable Wi-Fi paired with powerful mobile technology.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a common sight in businesses for many years now; it is also increasingly popular with schools. Stott Hoare helps schools provide successful 1-to-1 and BYOD/Parent Owned Device Schemes covering product selection, parent engagement, ordering portals, customised device preparation and delivery, fast on going warranty and support, competitive payment plans, cyber safety and more.

Digital Textbooks

Textbooks have always been an expensive investment. With new releases every few years, it makes sense to offer a digital solution. Digital textbooks can be extremely cost-efficient and remove the need for heavy books in schoolbags — no more students proclaiming they forgot to bring their book to class!


Gamification refers to taking traditional learning and adding game-like aspects to it, making the process more fun and attractive for young minds, and often including rewards for solving problems right. Technology makes gamification easy. Many developers have released applications for teaching through gamification, which have proven to be a powerful way to make learning a positive experience and keep children more engaged with the process.


Whilst new technology can enhance learning, security also becomes more of a challenge. Like any business, schools need to adopt a layered strategy, rather than depend on a single product. Tools that charge, lock and safeguard devices while students are in other classes can be extremely beneficial, along with the standard antivirus software solutions and programs that filter content for younger students.

The technology available to schools today can greatly enhance children’s learning but choosing the right technology and taking safety precautions are crucial. At Stott Hoare, we have a great range of solutions with leading vendors, including HP and Intel®, who have an extensive range of education solutions. Find out how we can help by getting in touch below.

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