Successful Tender: DoE Network Integration Panel

Early in 2019, Stott Hoare was notified of their successful tender for inclusion in the Department of Education Network Integration Panel.

The arrangement includes the provision of integration, design, maintenance and support services for all schools as well as state and education regional offices. Broadly, the contract covers planning and design services against an approved standard. Integration services include onsite and technical support services for both metro and remote (via VPN).

“With an experienced and well-trained team dedicated to the needs of the education sector, Stott Hoare is ready to not only meet ICT requirements but also provide exceptional service,” stated Brian Hawkins, Sales Director.

The appointment aligns Stott Hoare to work closely with the Department of Education’s Customer Service Centre and service the requirements of the educational network. There are a multitude of potential solutions and services including the installation of ICT equipment in new schools or on behalf of schools for specially funded projects.

Oliver Ralphs, Education Account Specialist commented, “Working with schools and DoE over 15 years, Stott Hoare has first-hand understanding and appreciation of the solutions required. In addition to providing devices and infrastructure, we assist with a turnkey BYOD/Parent Owned Device program in several public schools.

“Back in the day, computers were relegated to the computer lab and the administration office. Now devices are a requirement of every teacher and student alike. We see that the next big thing in education will be VR. There are many opportunities to enhance educational outcomes with the technology,” said Jim Loader, MD. “If anyone wants to explore the opportunities, I would encourage them to talk to our team.”

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