Fearless Flexibility: Three Steps to the Anytime, Anywhere Workplace

Try explaining to the average ten-year-old what workplaces were like twenty years ago (aka ‘the olden days’), and they’ll look bewildered. How

Your Business Future: How Do You Take Your IT To The Next Level?

The first taste of success can present one of the toughest challenges in business. Anyone who's navigated the subsequent growth phase will

Disrupt or be Disrupted: Are You Ready for Another Big Shift in IT?

In case you expected some breathing space after the industry quake that saw the sudden emergence of cloud-enabled start-ups like Uber and

How office set up impacts performance

We spend a significant portion of our week at work. In fact, full-time employees spend approximately 25 per cent of their life

What do we want? Mobility! When do we want it? Now!

  At Stott Hoare, we recently published a blog called “3 Crucial Elements in Workplace Transformation.” You can find this here. It

3 Crucial Elements in Workplace Transformation

This horse has bolted. Either your business is already some distance down the Workplace Transformation track, or you risk increasingly losing talented,

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