Could Better Tools of the Trade Answer Your Productivity Gap?

Keeping costs down is a necessity in business. Every doll spent is scrutinised – rightly so, given the currently volatile business environment,

What do we want? Mobility! When do we want it? Now!

  At Stott Hoare, we recently published a blog called “3 Crucial Elements in Workplace Transformation.” You can find this here. It

ThinkSmart Hub 500: Revolutionise teamwork

Imagine if you could simplify meetings and help your team to work better together? Now you can! Say hello to the ThinkSmart

3 Crucial Elements in Workplace Transformation

This horse has bolted. Either your business is already some distance down the Workplace Transformation track, or you risk increasingly losing talented,

5 Workplace Essentials for Millennials

5 Workplace Essentials for Millennials With the presence of millennials in the workplace increasing, modern offices are evolving to suit changing needs.

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