The New Microsoft Surface Pro 7+: A Clear Indicator of the Changing Landscape

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been around for some time and now we’ve gotten our hands on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business. Unlike the Surface Pro 7, the 7+ is specifically designed for business and education use cases. It’s not designed for the standard commercial user, and subsequently, won’t be available for purchase from your local consumer retailers.

Before getting into what’s new and intriguing about the device itself, it’s pertinent to highlight why Microsoft has taken the road less travelled in separating it from the consumer market.

The landscape has fundamentally changed

2020 was one hell of a year. Across industries we saw a dramatic shift in how work was done with employees working and collaborating remotely, relying heavily on technology to facilitate productivity. Just how significant this shift was can be seen in the Microsoft Surface usage numbers, which Microsoft recently reported almost doubled within enterprise organisations since the start of the pandemic.1 Students, meanwhile, experienced a hybrid style of learning, taking lessons both at home and in the classroom during different periods throughout the year.

The new landscape means facilitating hybrid working and learning for all

82% of managers believe they will implement more flexible remote working policies post-pandemic, while 71% of employees strongly want to remain working from home at least part time.2 These are numbers already being reflected in the conversations we’re having with clients at our Customer Experience Centre. Users want technology that is versatile and mobile, but still powerful enough to multitask and tackle any project that comes their way.

Which is why in our conversations with clients, we’re already highlighting the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business, a purpose-built device that expands on the sleek and mobile Surface everyone has come to know and love, but with new additions to appease the growing needs of workers and students alike.

So, what’s underneath the hood?

Inside the Surface Pro 7+ for Business you’ll find the new 11th Generation Intel® Core processors with capability to scale up to 32GB RAM and 1TB of storage. This upgrade will deliver up to 2.1 times faster performance on the Surface Pro 7, as well up to 15 hours battery life.

With so many different connectivity options for add-on peripheries and the like, Microsoft have equipped the 7+ with USB-A and USB-C ports, as well as a 3.55 headphone jack and MicroSDXC ports.

A new feature to the 7+ comes in the form of an interchangeable hard drive, enabling users the ability to easily swap and change their hard drives depending on their requirements. Users of the Microsoft Surface Pro X would be familiar with this feature.

Additionally, with an ever-increasing threat landscape, the security features of the Surface Pro 7+ have also been given an upgrade. All purchased Surface Pro 7+’s will be shipped with key Microsoft security options such as HVCI (Hypervisor Code Integrity) and VBS (Virtualisation-Based Security) turned on by default.

If you’re looking to put devices in the hands of your users straight off the bat, you can have them shipped with Windows Autopilot installed, enabling delivery of the device preconfigured and ready to work immediately, no onboarding necessary.3

The Stott Hoare Difference

Stott Hoare in partnership with Microsoft offers a complete range of products and services to assist your business in addressing the new and evolving landscape of work, including the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business.

We believe that choosing the right technology should be a tactile and consultative experience where the needs of the end-user are at the heart of delivering positive business and organisational outcomes. There has never been a more crucial time to give your business the competitive edge and your team the right tools for success.

To best assist with your decision, we have transformed the IT procurement process by developing a unique Experience Centre at our Osborne Park offices where visitors can pick the brains of our experts while getting up close and hands-on with the technologies designed to help your users thrive in the amid the new landscape.

Contact Stott Hoare to arrange a visit to our Customer Experience Centre and get up close and hands on with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business.

1 Microsoft, January 11 2021
2 The future of work – the good, the challenging and the unknown, Microsoft, July 8 2020
3 Microsoft, January 11 2021

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