Your Business Future: How Do You Take Your IT To The Next Level?

The first taste of success can present one of the toughest challenges in business. Anyone who’s navigated the subsequent growth phase will know just what we mean. After the well-deserved celebrations, the hard work begins. The challenge of moving to bigger premises, hiring more staff and adjusting to managing a larger scale operation is enormous. You’re already busier than ever before and struggling to find the time to think about creating the best IT environment, so we’ve put together some key elements to taking your IT to the next level.

Office 365

You may already use Microsoft Office 365, but if you haven’t found time to explore it, you’ll be amazed. Beyond the everyday tools like Word and Excel, Microsoft’s cloud-based office suite has some outstanding tools. For the growing business, Microsoft Flow can be a revelation. It automates workflows and connects applications, providing a smarter way to work and saving time through greater efficiency. There’s MyAnalytics to help you understand how your time is spent, and StaffHub to manage team schedules.

That’s just the tip of the collaboration and efficiency iceberg! Ask our software specialists. They’ll happily elaborate on the tools to benefit your business and figure out which subscription gets you the right outcome.


We’ve all read scary stories reminding us to take security very seriously that act as great enablers. As your business grows, it is important to develop an effective security strategy and schedule regular reviews and audits. IT systems inevitably become more complex making visibility of crucial data difficult. Fortunately, growing pains are largely preventable.

Look for options that integrate consistent and continuous security. For example, Lenovo’s 360áµ’ approach to addressing device and data theft, ransomware, transaction fraud and software vulnerability delivers clarity and robustness. It is also a good time to promote a security mindset throughout the organisation, from junior staff to senior management; IT security should be as much a part of the workplace culture as health and safety.


81% of CEOs see mobility as strategically important to customer engagement, and given growing businesses compete vigorously in this area, do not underestimate the importance of enabling technology. Cloud services like Office 365 are vital tools to aid mobility, and core infrastructure such as Lenovo’s cloud-enabled servers make it easier to capitalise on the possibilities.


Crucial to the mobile-enabled workplace is the right device selection; something we can’t stress enough when raising the bar on productivity. It is always easier to perform well in a role when you have the right equipment! One of the most exciting achievements in our business is when we deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers with the right hybrid environment utilising desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, especially when we’ve reduced cost in the process.


It is important to remember that growing businesses do not have to go it alone. It is cost-effective and less stressful to engage a trusted partner to help your business to the next level. If IT isn’t your core business, it makes sense to minimise your focus on server and storage hardware and device management. We’re seeing a trend where businesses specify their desired IT environment and ask us to provide a customised service to ensure the company has the right devices, out-of-hours helpdesk support and IT infrastructure to meet certain performance and capacity requirements. The in-house team then focuses on applications and business processes.

Need some help growing IT to the next level in your business, or want to chat about your ideas for the future? Stott Hoare applies IT knowledge to improve business performance. Contact our friendly customer service team today.

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